Not trying to save the world, just make a little difference.


We are 100% volunteer run. Sarah and Bevan manage the week-to-week activities and are supported with expertise and advice from the below team.

Bevan Kay, founder and trustee

Hi, my name is Bevan and I love working on this project with our friends at home and in Bolivia as well as my amazing wife. We set this trust up in 2010 and am proud to still be working on it today.

In my day job I work for HAGA, a London-based charity for people with alcohol misuse issues, where I manage a recovery service.


Sarah Sinnott, founder and trustee

We’ve been working on a little for four years now and I’m still inspired by the original concept: that doing something is better than nothing, and that our small actions can make a little difference.  

You’ll find Bevan and I in a cafe or on our sofa in the weekends talking, thinking or tinkering about Bolivia and it’s this continuation of our original year-long volunteering that has kept it alive for us. 

In my day job I lead the partnerships strategy for Catch22, a social business helping young and vulnerable people in the UK.


Claire Paterson, a little trustee and advisor

Claire is an Auckland solicitor who studied Spanish at University and who has travelled extensively in South America, including Bolivia.


Anna Sinnott, a little trustee and advisor

Anna has lived and worked as a Town Planner in London for the past 8 years. In 2010 she travelled for a month in Bolivia with Sarah and Bevan. More recently Anna completed a Masters degree at University College London focusing on development and planning in developing countries.


James Chang, a little advisor

Among other things, James has led a technology start-up, provided policy advice to the government, and conducted research on the use of female sanitary products in South America.



Nicholas Falconer, a little advisor

Nicholas has International experience as a management consultant for Boston Consulting Group and is currently an MBA candidate at The Wharton School.


Josephine Gallagher, a little advisor

Extensive experience as a senior marketing and communications professional.


Lily Young, a little programme coordinator

Lily grew up in Texas, where she attended university for Government and Geography before traveling throughout Latin America. She lived in Cochabamba and worked with Sustainable Bolivia, a non-profit and partner of Performing Life, for two years. Currently, she lives in London, completing a Master’s degree in Development Studies from SOAS.




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