Travel, the world and stopping through Bolivia

Context is all important. We are really pleased to be putting this up today.  A blog about travel and the experience of coming through the beautiful country that is Bolivia. Thanks Gavin for dropping this one for a little. Whilst thinking about what to write for this post, I ventured into our attic and dragged down the travel diaries I had kept during a couple of my backpacking jaunts. After reading through them, two things instantly struck me. Firstly,... Read More

It’s Always Sunny in Cochabamba

Our second guest blog is a lifestyle piece on living, working and playing in Cochabamba. Thanks to our friend and volunteer Lily Young who spent time on the ground working alongside our beneficiary project. Trying to select a handful of photos to sum up the experience of living in Cochabamba is just about as difficult as attempting to describe it, so bear with me. I’m constantly reminded of various snapshots of the time I spent there and the fresh... Read More

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