Young Aucklanders support young Bolivians

Guest blog from our friend Lucy Blundell, a proactive young Auckland student who spent time in 2013 organising a school festival to raise awareness and funds for A Little.  We think Lucy is one cool young lady with her head in the right place and definitely going places.  Read her story below.   My name is Lucy Blundell, in my final year at St. Cuthbert’s College in Auckland I helped to lead the Amnesty Group that we have at the college and... Read More

Travel, the world and stopping through Bolivia

Context is all important. We are really pleased to be putting this up today.  A blog about travel and the experience of coming through the beautiful country that is Bolivia. Thanks Gavin for dropping this one for a little. Whilst thinking about what to write for this post, I ventured into our attic and dragged down the travel diaries I had kept during a couple of my backpacking jaunts. After reading through them, two things instantly struck me. Firstly,... Read More

Anyway – that’s my donor’s story

Check it out, guest blog. Thanks to the following, uber-talented person who needs to be recognised as both passionate and considered in everything he does. Not only that, Duncan and Niki were the first ever donors of A Little Charitable Trust and therefore people who will always be very special to us. You can only be first once Duncan. And that was you. A few years ago my sister and I attended the launch of ‘A Little Charitable Trust’,... Read More

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