On the ground

On the ground in Bolivia the new performing arts class funded by a little charitable trust has started.  Based in Quillacollo on the outskirts of Cochabamba, it has 15 kids attending regularly.  Each day they come together to meet with their teacher Adalin, learning new circus skills and then sharing a nutritious hot lunch together.   This class is run by Performing Life and is modeled on their existing two classes in central Cochabamba. Before... Read More

Getting the party started

On Tuesday, 22 March 2011 we publically launched a little charitable trust at Smith Bar in Britomart, Auckland. Surrounded by our favourite friends and family we briefly presented the story behind the charity. Our presentation was essentially broken down into two problems and two solutions. Bolivia is poor and opportunities for youth are limited; we’ve seen a project that works and is making a little difference in the lives of vulnerable youth... Read More

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