Collegiality Through Play – Collegiality Part III

Juggling and performing art classes provide many opportunities to the kids that participate. ‘Play’ is an art, it’s a tool and most of all it’s a right we believe children should have. We think that giving kids an opportunity to play, form relationships with other children and laugh is pretty cool. But there are other aspects to ‘play’ and the classes in Quillacollo beyond a fun, safe and encouraging environment. The art of juggling... Read More

A Bookish Look at Collegiality – Collegiality Part II

1 + 1 = 3 Collegiality is the heart of professionalism Last week on Twitter challenged charities to stop chanting.  We agree. We thought we’d take a bookish look at collegiality, what exactly it is and where it can it take us? Collegiality: what are they talking about? Put plainly, ‘collegiality’ is the relationship between contemporaries. It’s the fruit of one person’s own efforts and knowledge of a field, combined... Read More

Learning From Others – Collegiality Part I

The OHH smile There are a lot of aspirations within a little charitable trust, two of them include collegiality and doing something instead of nothing. Hence to develop our own best practice we have adopted a culture of collegiality. This means developing strong relationships with donors, our beneficiary (Performing Life), our advisors and anyone who can assist us to become better. As such, this month we contacted Orkney Helping Hands (OHH) who has... Read More

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