New on the ground in Bolivia

Every two months we get to chat to the team on the ground in Bolivia about how things are going. Last month was more busy than usual as a new National Director joined our beneficiary project team at Performing Life. So in her own words, Marye Dijkstra, tells us a bit about herself. My name is Marye Dijkstra and I am from The Netherlands. From an early age I have always had a natural instinct to help other people, especially children, but above all:... Read More

Meet Cristian

Cristian (11) joined the performing arts class of a little charitable trust in April 2012.  He lives in the Montenegro region of Bolivia, near Quillacollo, with his mother, stepfather and older brother in a tiny, one bed, room. Cristian’s 11 years haven’t been easy and although he can be a rascal at times, he’s a good kid! Cristian’s 11 years haven’t been easy. He has never known his real father and his stepfather can be harsh.... Read More

Who is John Connell?

I know who John Connell is because I worked for him in Bolivia as a volunteer. John is a man who came to Bolivia while he was still a teenager and then – basically – never left. Originally heralding from the United States he has held on to a lot of his American heritage. Most notably his BMX (jump to 01:35 of this video) and his American accent. If you want to read one version of his story go here. In a nutshell John set up Performing Life when... Read More

Our first annual report – out now!

We are pleased to (belatedly) bring you our very first transparency report for the period since our launch March 2011 – May 2012 (14 months). Thank you to all of our donors, supporters, volunteers, friends and family, it has been a stimulating and inspiring first chapter. We are excited about what we can achieve in the coming years and beyond. A Little Charitable Trust – Annual report – 2011-2012 Many thanks, Sarah & Bevan  Read More

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