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Rachel’s marathon

For the last year or so I’ve been running.  Initially because my Nike Plus app told me I was so fast I felt obliged to continue.  But by the time I realised my phone was lying and discovered how entirely average I am, it was too late.
On April 6th I’m going to Gai Paris for my first marathon. I’ve been preparing for race day for about 6 months. I can’t pretend I haven’t enjoyed sploshing about in the mud in the pouring rain at 6am, as you’ll know if you’ve heard me prattling on about it. But 26 miles is a bloody long way and I know the last 6 miles will hurt. Really bad. So I need your support.  Please come to Paris on April 6th to yell nice things at me as I drag my sorry little legs across those last painful miles.
Alternatively, you can show your support by donating to a little charitable trust.  They are a wonderful little charitable trust who provide funding to deliver performing arts programmes for underprivileged children in Bolivia.
The easiest way to donate is via the PayPal button directly below.  You can have a look around the rest of their website to find out more about where the money will be going.
Thank you for your support!
Rachel x


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Total donations: £535 GBP

Wish Rachel good luck! 


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