Not trying to save the world, just make a little difference.


The idea

We saw a problem that has – what we believe to be – a simple solution. A little bit of money from New Zealand or the UK will go a long way to providing opportunities to children and their families in Bolivia.  We know that just asking for money from friends and family is not enough. Our charitable trust is developed to support the idea of our original “simple solution” (a little bit of money) but with the a clear structure of accountability, transparency and holding the NGO we are supporting to account.

The beginnings

In 2010, Sarah and Bevan spent a year volunteering in Cochabamba, Bolivia. That year left us skeptical of what volunteering could really achieve.  It certainly doesn’t save the world, or even make a dent in it.  And to be honest, the time and money we spent in Bolivia would have achieved more had it been sent via electronic banking…had we known where to send it.

But what that one year of volunteering in Bolivia did leave us with was the knowledge, relationships and stories of what does make a difference to the lives of Bolivians.  And, that a little bit of money in the right place, can make a difference.

One year of volunteering in Bolivia left us with the energy to try to make a little difference and start a little charitable trust.

What we believe in

We founded a little charitable trust (a little) on the principle of transparency in everything we do.  We believe people are willing to help in Bolivia if they know and have confidence in where their money is going.  It is our job to continually check and access our beneficiary project and to demonstrate to you, as a donor, that your money is making a little difference.

There are no quick fixes to development and poverty. Therefore a little is committed to helping children and families in Bolivia have a true chance of breaking their poverty cycle.  This takes time and support; we believe in the sustainable and supportive approach to development that our beneficiary project utilises.  We have seen this works.

What we are

a little charitable trust is a charitable trust with deeds in New Zealand and the UK, we collect money for the purposes of providing assistance to projects in Bolivia that help improve the lives of children and families.  We have received charitable status from the New Zealand Charities Commission (registration number: CC46268).  The founders are Sarah Sinnott and Bevan Kay. NZ trustees are Sarah Sinnott, Bevan Kay and Claire Paterson and UK trustees are Sarah Sinnott, Bevan Kay and Anna Sinnott.  100% of all donations received go directly to our chosen beneficiary project.  Everyone that works on a little does so voluntarily.  Any administration costs are paid for personally by Sarah and Bevan. Organisational management is led by Sarah and Bevan with quarterly consultancy and advice from trustees and the appointed advisory board (see Team).

Why trust us?

We’ve seen the work of a number of charities in Bolivia, and so we know it doesn’t always work.  But we believe that the work of our chosen NGO, Performing Life, makes a difference in the lives of children and families in Cochabamba, Bolivia.   This is our view as professionals working in the corporate and public sectors.   For more on us see the Team.

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