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a little marathon

After 11 weeks of training and many sensible weekends off the booze I’m nearly ready to run my first marathon. The plan is to shuffle 42kms (26 miles) around the streets of Barcelona on the 17th March. As it will be St Patricks Day I will naturally celebrate my achievement in traditional Irish style…

So far I have endured 3 months of long dark cold training runs with the help of a vast variety of blister plasters, chafe-ease, energy gels and podcasts; and while I’ve been chased along the canal by a few dogs, I’ve thankfully never been chased by the gingerbread man… But now I need your help, I’ve chosen to run the marathon for a little charitable trust and am asking you to sponsor me. I know during those inevitably tough final few miles the thought of the money I’ve raised and the good it will do for a group of young people in Bolivia will power me on to the finish line!

The easiest way to donate is via the Paypal button directly below. Please check out the other pages on this website to find out more about where you money will be going.

There’s still 5 weeks and nearly 200kms for my battered little feet to run before race day, so I’ll try to keep you posted on my progress!

Thanks for your support.



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Wish Anna good luck! 

Total donations: £535 GBP


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