Annual Report 2017 and 2018

Hello to our long-term donors and friends,

Please find our 2017 and 2018 combined Annual Report for download here: 2017 & 2018 Annual Report (1).

After nearly a decade of giving to Bolivia, we have made the tough decision to close A Little and therefore in 2019 we will be making a final donation, closing our accounts and not renewing the website. We do so with a heavy heart as it has been such a privilege to be donating to Bolivia and being a small part of such an inspiring programme for young people.

As the Annual Reports evidence, the last two years have again been steady and positive for our beneficiary project in terms of the consistent work they are doing on the ground and the number of youth they were able to work alongside.

We’ll make sure all of the annual reports are available for download online for longevity and we’re always keen to talk to anyone who is interested in what we have achieved in Bolivia as this has been such a passion of ours for so long.

Finally, we have immense gratitude to the friends and family who have given so supportively for so long.


Sarah and Bevan

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