Young Aucklanders support young Bolivians

Guest blog from our friend Lucy Blundell, a proactive young Auckland student who spent time in 2013 organising a school festival to raise awareness and funds for A Little.  We think Lucy is one cool young lady with her head in the right place and definitely going places.  Read her story below.  

My name is Lucy Blundell, in my final year at St. Cuthbert’s College in Auckland I helped to lead the Amnesty Group that we have at the college and through doing so have had an opportunity to raise awareness and funds for A Little Charitable Trust.

Lucy Blundell – co-leader of Amnesty Group and leader of the ‘A Little Festival’ fundraiser

At the very beginning of the year I became interested in the trust after hearing about it from my mum and through a school assembly. I did some research by looking at the webpage and got in contact with Claire Paterson, an old girl of St. Cuth’s. I was lucky enough to meet up with her and hear firsthand what the trust is aiming to do and how it works to help the children in Bolivia. The combination of my own research and talking with Sarah and Claire got me enthused to do something for the trust. I initially had big ideas that, after talking to other people, were a little too big to be starting with, however I was determined to make sure everyone in the college knew about “A Little…” and the children they support.

I had a number of meetings with my principal and she agreed with me that it would be a great cause to support as we would see directly where the money would end up and, as Claire is a trustee, there was already a tie between us. My aim was to hold a festival-type event with some sort of performers and food – South American themed of course! We thought this related well to the trust as a main goal for them is to provide street performance classes to the children and a mini festival would be a lot of fun.

The Amnesty Group consists of about 30 girls that are all passionate about the issues of global inequality and human rights. I introduced them to the trust and they all agreed it would be a great project for the group to undertake. When the event came round in mid September they were all eager to help out and be a part of it.

I organised “A Little Festival” and promoted it through a presentation during a school assembly and posters around the grounds. During the presentation I used a number of photos and a video to show everyone why there is a need for organisations like “A Little…” in Bolivia and how they can help. I am confident that there are now a great number of people aware of the trust and hopefully they will, like I was, be curious and set out to do more for the trust and similar causes.

The festival took place on Thursday lunchtime and it was $10 entry at the door. Once inside, there was a live South American band of three men, each playing an instrument and singing. They were great entertainment and added a lively and authentic feel to the event. We were very lucky to have fresh, homemade empanadas for everyone which a kind lady from Venezuela had made for us. We also had a piñata and altogether it was a great afternoon.Everyone who pitched in to help with the festival was really happy to be doing so and loved being involved in, what everyone agreed, is a very important and deserving cause. We all hope that the funds raised will be used well and can’t wait to see how! I have loved working with Claire and Sarah and hope to continue supporting the trust in the future. Perhaps one day I will get to Bolivia and meet some of the children myself!

Harriet (co-leader of Amnesty Group) with Jo and Pooja


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  1. Well done Lucy, we need a lot more like you in New zealand, and many other places for that matter. It would appear that my comment is the first. It would be nice to think that this might motivate a few, even better a lot, of additional comments

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