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Cristian (11) joined the performing arts class of a little charitable trust in April 2012.  He lives in the Montenegro region of Bolivia, near Quillacollo, with his mother, stepfather and older brother in a tiny, one bed, room.

Cristian’s 11 years haven’t been easy and although he can be a rascal at times, he’s a good kid!

Cristian’s 11 years haven’t been easy. He has never known his real father and his stepfather can be harsh. Before we met him, he worked long hours lifting bricks on construction sites, supplementing the few bolivianos he earned selling ice cream from a small street cart.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, at school, he struggles to concentrate and has fallen two years behind his peers.

Although he can be a bit of a rascal at times, Cristian is a good kid.  When he joined us, he was hyperactive and easily distracted but towards the end of 2012 we noticed improvements in his behaviour and social integration.   He is increasingly able to concentrate for longer periods of time, and we are delighted to see him interacting with the other children and beginning to act in group performances.   Fortunately, he works less these days, and we are confident that with our support he will continue to blossom.

Cristian tells us his favourite part of class is learning circus tricks and making new friends.  He can already juggle 4 balls and aims to be able to pass 6 clubs and build a two person pyramid before too long! In the future, he hopes to graduate from high school, work in construction like his uncle, and save enough to buy some land and build a house for his family.  We will watch with interest as his future unfolds and just hope that we can play a little part in helping him achieve his goals.

PS. Thanks to a little supporter and friend Kate Simcock for editing this blog.

Cristian loves acing new tricks

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