Meet Zaida

Zaida practises everyday during classes. Here she is working with the ‘diabolos’, a juggling prop consisting of a spool, string and two sticks.

Zaida (12) joined the performing arts class of a little charitable trust in April 2011 and lives in a rented room with her family on the outskirts of Cochabamba, Bolivia. Zaida and her two little sisters used to sell “Salchipapas” (hotdogs and french fries) from a small stand by their house. This job was difficult as it meant they often stayed out until 1am and had little time to do homework or to focus on their schoolwork.

When she joined our class, Zaida was very shy and didn’t really speak to the other kids or to our instructor. However she did consistently come along and practice everyday at the after-school performing arts classes held in Quillacollo.  As she began to accomplish different juggling and acrobatic tricks, she gained more confidence, became more sociable and started to integrate herself into the group.

Since April, Zaida’s life has begun to change.  In school her grades have improved significantly and she has become an active member in almost all a little charitable trust-related class activities.  She has not only improved her circus skills, but her self-esteem and confidence, which has helped her to improve her performance pieces during public class shows.

She no longer works selling “Salchipapas” and instead juggles at stoplights on the weekends for tips from passers-by. This is an easier and safer job that requires much less time and makes her more money to take home to her family.

Zaida’s confidence has grown throughout 2012 and we’re excited about what she will achieve in 2013!

Zaida is quickly becoming a star performer and a confident young lady. She is now able to focus more on her schoolwork, get to bed at a reasonable hour and help her mother to take care of her siblings.  We’re excited to see where she can get to in the coming year!

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