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On the ground in Bolivia the new performing arts class funded by a little charitable trust has started.  Based in Quillacollo on the outskirts of Cochabamba, it has 15 kids attending regularly.  Each day they come together to meet with their teacher Adalin, learning new circus skills and then sharing a nutritious hot lunch together.   This class is run by Performing Life and is modeled on their existing two classes in central Cochabamba.

Before setting up this new group, the staff from Performing Life knew there was a need in this area on the outskirts of the city and the kids attending our class thus far have confirmed this.  The majority are very poor and pretty ‘rough’ in the sense that they are even poorer than the kids attending classes in the central city.   Working with these kids will present even more challenges because of their difficult individual and home issues but it also presents even more opportunities to really help them get onto the right track and have some stability in their lives.

At this infancy stage of the new group Adalin is leaving the classes open to any kids in the community who want to attend, but in the next couple of weeks the kids will have to join Performing Life officially and meet its criteria (such as parental consent, attendance at school and committing to attendance at class).

Given some of the kids currently aren’t in school Adalin is working hard with the families and the schools to get the kids registered and accepted into their local schools – being Bolivia this is a bit of a bureaucratic nightmare so Adalin’s support in helping the families do this is essential.

After speaking to John (director of Performing Life in Bolivia) we’re really happy and excited with the work happening on the ground.


Sarah & Bevan


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  1. Ben Oge says:

    Lovely photos. Keep up the great work!

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