Launch time – up, up and away

It started as an idea in a bubble-gum-pink-coloured room in the suburbs of Cochabamba a year ago; and it is now time to launch.

Having ironed out details with our beneficiary project (Performing Life), appointed a board of advisors, signed a charitable trust deed, obtained charitable status from the New Zealand Charities Commission, set up a bank account and created a website, we now have to put ourselves and a little charitable trust into the big wide world.

On Tuesday 22 March we’ll launch the project in Auckland by telling all our friends and family about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

All good things come with a few anxious moments but mostly we’re excited to share the idea and let the work begin, no more waiting to make a little difference!

Chao xoxo

Sarah and Bevan

PS. Check out the invite


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  1. Kerryanne Nelson says:

    Amazing launch guys. Looking forward to hearing more!

    Kerryanne x

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